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small farm

184 Gleasondale Road
(Route 62)
Stow, MA

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small farm is now open for the 2016 season

We started preparing in March as we always do, with plants in the greenhouse. At the end of March, Barbara developed a heart problem which sent her to the hospital for surgery. The surgery went well, but complications developed and she was in the hospital for two months. Dwight spent a significant amount of time commuting to the hospital to support Barbara. As a result, the greenhouse work was spotty, and many plants did not make it and had to be restarted. Field work just didn't get done.

By late May, Barbara's condition worsened and on the 26th, she passed away peacefully, at home, with family. Concord Funeral Home is handling the details and information can be found on their website.

We decided to work the farm this year, so we got a very late start. That means we will be opening late. We have decided on July 9 for the opening day, two weeks later than normal.

The flowers are almost all in the field but there are not a lot of blooms as of the end of June. The flowers did not get pinched in the greenhouse so they aren’t branching much yet. Hopefully they will fill out a bit by opening time.

In Memoriam
 We got a nice writeup in Edible Boston last year. Check it out.

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Customers interested in organic produce please read this notice

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We recycle bags. We can use clean paper and/or plastic supermarket checkout bags, but not the thin vegetable bags. We don't care whose name is on the bag.

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We welcome suggestions and comments. email us. What do you want us to grow? New vegetables or flowers? New varieties? More of something?

Last update 2016 July 09